CDHS Graduation Information:

When: Friday, May 21 @ 8 PM

Where: CDHS Football Field

  • Parking: handicap sections marked; traffic will be monitored by GC Sheriff and Tusculum Police department
  • Doors/Gates will open at 6:00 PM.
  • Seating for handicap reserved in advance; first come first serve on regular open seating; overflow seating in the auditorium where video will be streaming live.
  • Students must be in the CDHS Café by 7:15 PM to walk across the stage.
  • At 7:30-7:50 PM, final check for attire, robes, caps, cords.
Dress for students

§  Ladies: dress of appropriate length (no strapless or spaghetti straps) and dress shoes (no tennis shoes or flip flops)

§  Men: dark or khaki dress pants, white collared shirt, dark shoes (no tennis shoes, flip-flops, etc.)

§  Caps are to be worn plain and will be checked.

  • During the formal ceremony, please follow the program for appropriate times to stand, be seated, etc.
  • This is a Chuckey-Doak High School Graduation event. It is a formal occasion to mark an important time in each student's life. Guidelines:
    • No Silly string (damages furniture, paint, and causes a slippery surface for guests-safety issue)
    • No air horns, whistles, etc.
    • Respectful behavior
    • Silence cell phones
    • Everyone is expected to stay for the entire ceremony unless it is an emergency.
  • As students walk across the stage, families are welcome to come up and take pictures. Students will have a moment as they exit the stage as well. There will be no Life Touch photographer on duty due to no one purchasing pictures in the last year.
  • Students will get the actual diplomas after the graduation ceremony is over. Students only, will report to the café to pay any monies owed or resolve other issues that need to be addressed, and then pick up actual diploma.
  • CDHS will be open for business Monday, May 24th, from 8-3 for any student who needs to pay monies owed or take pictures.


Thank you for your cooperation in making this a memorable and classic event in the lives of our students.   We are very proud of the Senior Class of 2021 and their contributions to CDHS and this community. We look forward to celebrating graduation with you and your family!



Total Credits Required for Greene County Diploma: 28

Math: 4 Credits - At least one math course each year.

English: 4 Credits

Science: 3 Credits

Social Studies: 3 Credits

P.E and Wellness: 2 Credits

Personal Finance: 1 Credit

Foreign Language*: 2 Credits

Fine Arts*: 1 Credit

Elective Focus: 3 Credits

Electives: 5 Credits



*Foreign Language and Fine Art may be waiver for students that do not plan on attend an post-secondary institution.

Credits must be made up in elective focus area.