Dr. Michael Bodary » Welcome!


Hi, there!
I'm Dr. Michael Bodary, but call me "Dr. B." I teach English I, English III, and ACT Prep l.
I joined CDHS in 2021. Previously, I taught college-level English courses at the University of Memphis and nearby Tusculum University.
My high school diploma is from not-too-far-away Cannon County High School in Woodbury, TN. Since then, I've completed five college degrees: undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and English, master's degrees in English and Teaching, and a doctorate in English.
My academic focus has largely been in professional/technical writing: writing to conduct business, research, and manufacturing. I have a decade of industry experience writing for various companies and organizations: instruction manuals, quarterly/annual shareholder reports, laboratory research reports, grant proposals, website content, FDA submissions, public relations materials, and ISO 13485 quality system documentation to support manufacturing and quality control.
For me, English is much, much, much more than literature, poetry, and essay writing. Writing is also what helps make business, research, and manufacturing happen!

My personal motto about education is "Everything is connected!" I'm always looking for ways to make writing pragmatic, linking it to other subject areas, future careers, and student interests. 

CDHS has impressed me with the quality of its teachers, their dedication and enthusiasm, and their can-do attitude. I'm honored to be a part of the CDHS learning community!