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Academic Booster Club

Academic Booster Club

What is the CDHS Academic Booster Club?

The CDHS Academic Booster Club is a volunteer group of interested people dedicated to supporting the school and enhancing the quality of the educational experience at CDHS for all students. We feel the partnership between home, school, and community is vital and family involvement is essential and will contribute greatly to your child's success. The mission is to support and recognize the outstanding academic achievements and character of Chuckey Doak High School students and teachers through positive reinforcement and reward. This type of recognition promotes continued dedication to academic excellence among students and a strong commitment among teachers.


What are the CDHS Academic Booster Club GOALS?

Parents, family, alumni, teachers, staff, and friends are encouraged to join the CDHS Academic Booster Club. Your support will enable the boosters to achieve the following goals:

Short Term Goals:
To host a reception in the spring honoring graduating students who have attained outstanding academic achievement.
To award monetary scholarships to ten college bound seniors.
To provide encouragement and financial support to academic activities outside the regular school curriculum.

Long Term Goals:
To increase the number of scholarships awarded to college bound seniors each year.
To recognize and reward teachers for dedication and commitment to academic excellence.

For more information please contact:
Betsy Long (423) 741-7927


What are some of the CDHS Academic Booster Club Fund Raisers?

The Academic Booster Club is building a tradition of fund raisers with the hope that the money raised will directly benefit the academic growth of students at Chuckey-Doak High School. We are always looking for new ideas to stimulate our financial growth and your ideas are important and welcomed.

Our history of fund raisers include:
Baked Potato Sales
Book Plates for Library Donations
Seating Nameplates in CDHS Auditorium
Year-round Paper Recycling Drive

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please contact Betsy Long (423) 741-7927.