I am a career educator with over 20 years of experience teaching elementary school, high school and college in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. I have a Bachelor of Arts from ETSU with a dual major in English and Spanish, and was one of the first of two to graduate from the university’s English Honors-in-Discipline program in 2001. In 2003 I earned my Master’s Degree in English from ETSU. While in the MA program, I was hired by the TN Department of Education to coordinate ETSU's Migrant Education Program for Greene, Unicoi and Washington County, a position I held until 2004. Inspired by what I saw occurring in classrooms across the region, I enrolled in Milligan College’s Secondary Ed preparation program and completed initial secondary education licensure requirements in 2005. In 2012 I was nominated for and won Teacher of the Year at Nags Head Elementary School in Dare County, North Carolina. This distinction, given the year I experienced a shift in pedagogy to Comprehensible Input and teaching for acquisition, inspired my current style of classroom instruction. I have been at CDHS since 2019 and am proud to call it my home!

In addition to my passion for languages and academics, I also harbor a love for the art. I often unwind in the afternoons by creating hand embroidered decor and upcycled applique clothing.
I live in North Greene county with my husband and children on a horse and cattle (and cat) ranch.  Our oldest, Owen, recently moved to Japan to teach English. He will be working for up to five years in Yuzawa, Akita, a hot springs resort town in the northern part of the main island.
This year I am also embarking on a new challenge--during the summer I was accepted to Idaho State University's online MA in Spanish.  My goal is to bring Dual Enrollment Spanish to Greene County Schools, a vision which should be realized by early 2025.