Principal Shelly Smith » Welcome to Chuckey-Doak High School

Welcome to Chuckey-Doak High School

Welcome to Chuckey-Doak High School, home of the Black Knights! I am so proud of our students and staff for working to make our school a place where we all feel safe, valued, and supported.  Even in the midst of a turbulent society, our CDHS family works to improve opportunities for our students and turns obstacles into stepping-stones.  I am so honored to be your Principal and a part of the Black Knight family.

Over the past two years, we have worked together to make many improvements in our programming and school climate.  From the murals in our café and hallways to positive office referrals, CDHS has found a way to achieve our plan of becoming a place that everyone wants to be. At times, it has included staff writing grants, seeking donations, and raising money to support our dreams and aspirations for our school.  These efforts have resulted in a 1-1 device program for the freshmen class, an ADVISE TN grant that gives us an additional counselor to help juniors and seniors navigate the journey to post-secondary opportunities, and our restructured library that houses a coffee shop, media center and maker-space.


CDHS leadership team has pursued new courses for students to offer a larger variety of core classes and electives. This past year students had the opportunity to enroll in the Audio Visual class, Journalism, AP Biology and Chemistry, Veterinarian Science, Art 2, and Algebra 1 for CDMS 8th graders! We are implementing an additional course for the 2018-19 school year including “Fundamentals of Construction” that will offer students the opportunity to earn an industrial certificate.   


Thanks to our CDHS mentoring team, students are learning valuable information about careers, pathways to achieve their goals, resume writing, interview skills, and making good choices via our Jostens’s THE HARBOR series and Major Clarity.  With our Title I funds, CDHS purchased the program ACT Analyze Ed to help students prepare for the ACT and Reading Plus for freshmen to improve literacy skills.  Our goal is for every student to be equipped for the path he/she chooses.


We are fortunate to offer many extra-curricular activities, clubs, choir, band, athletics, and the Homecoming Spirit week experience that are the spice of high school life. This year CDHS accepted an offer to connect with Club Lacrosse so that even more students can find their niche.  I encourage all students to join a group to find a support system of an adult mentor as well as other students who share the same passion and purpose. 


All of these things together create the CDHS Black Knight experience!  The day-to-day experiences, the joys and disappointments, the victories and defeats, and the relationships that we form ultimately weave us together as a very special family!


To our current students, I charge you with continuing the tradition of working hard, enjoying the journey, and making CDHS a better place each day.  To our graduates, I charge you with continuing to support your alma mater with word, deed, and resources.  I challenge all of us to give CDHS our best every day, in everything we do, and everywhere we go.   “Once a Black Knight, Always a Black Knight!”