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French I & II

Instructor: Austin J. Thayer E-Mail:  austin.thayer@gcstn.org



Course Description: French I is the first semester in the French-language sequence; French II being the second semester. This course covers the essentials of French, developing listening and reading comprehension, oral and written communication, and cultural understanding.  French II will be furthering students’ skills in French.

Course Objectives:  The primary objective of this course is to help you develop the necessary skills to communicate proficiently in French and to function effectively within the culture in real-life situations. By the end of the course, you should be able to:

1) converse on a beginning level, observing courtesy requirements and social demands of the culture;

2) understand most written and spoken French selected for the beginning level and some authentic texts;

3) ask and answer oral and written questions related to familiar topics such as: greetings, activities, personal possessions, physical descriptions, etc.;

4) demonstrate an understanding of appropriate speech and conduct within francophone culture, and an understanding of cultural differences and similarities between francophone countries and the U.S

Methodology:  How will we achieve these objectives? By speaking French in class as much as possible! Each class period new vocabulary and structures will be presented and practiced; when you go home at night, your homework and lab exercises reinforce what we’ve covered in class. You’ll have a lot of fun speaking French in class—role-playing, learning about French music, making up sentences, reviewing and re-using what you’ve already learned—with both your classmates and the professor. Furthermore, you will have quizzes and tests that will encourage you to use the language by requiring you to communicate ideas, not just fill in the blanks.

School Policies:  All school policies written in the student handbook will be observed and respected by all persons in the classroom.

Grading Scale: A: 93-100 B: 85-92 C: 75-84 D: 70-74 F:  0-69

Evaluation:  Combination of Quizzes, Tests, and Homework for 1st semester = 40%

                      1st semester midterm: 10%
                     Combination of Quizzes, Tests, and Homework for 2nd semester = 40%

                     Final exam = 10%